To celebrate the launch of the World of Deblon, where we champion happiness and health for women worldwide, we are inviting our friends, ambassadors and other inspiring women in Deblon, to share insights on this topic. 

We are excited to kick off our new series with Sandra Ysbrandy, a super star TV chef and presenter. For more than 15 years she has been seen in programs such as Het Familiediner, Life4You, Home on Sunday, Time for Max as well as Expeditie Robinson and Hunted.

We love that she is all about natural food: everything she makes includes lots of vegetables, nothing from packages and bags and as pure and unprocessed as possible. 

What does your weekday look like?
I get up around 07:00. Hop in the shower, first warm and then cold. This has become a habit after my trip to Finland where I took a dip in an ice-cold hole. Those glasses of hot water. And then hop on my bike to my cross power class (3x a week) or go for a walk with my husband Pieter and dog Tommie. When I get home I make a nice cup of coffee, check my email and socials. I also make a list of things that make me happy when I finish them at the end of the day. I alternately have shooting days for television or I make cooking videos. I write or test recipes and give cooking workshops. I make time to prepare and eat my lunch. Usually a nice salad or an omelette with lots of vegetables. I prefer to go into the woods with Tommie for another half hour in the afternoon and listen to the birds or a podcast about nutrition, health, happiness. At about 7 o'clock the three of us have dinner. My two eldest sons now live in Amsterdam. I am too restless to watch TV. I usually spend the evening with my nose in cookbooks or study books. Drink a cup of sage tea and go to bed at about 10 / half past 11.

How do you find balance between work, family, social contacts?
Family is my number 1 priority. I will always make time for that. If I haven't seen them for a while, I make up a dinner party and invite them. Haha. I do work many hours. But I also really enjoy my job. I also started the 'Oerstrong coach training' with a solid study. My busy schedule sometimes comes at the expense of doing fun things with my girlfriends. I would like to free up some time for that.

What is your #deblonmoment (a me-time moment, a moment of selfcare)?
I started the beginning of the year planning fun things in my agenda: restaurants I would like to go to, trips, lectures. So that this is fixed. My 3x sport a week is also at fixed times and in principle nothing comes in between. Otherwise my agenda fills up with work automatically. I would also like to free up some more time for inner-work; a nice massage, aura reading, healing session.

How do you stay in shape as a mother/entrepreneur?
Exercising and being in nature is a must for me to feel fit and energetic and happy and to sleep well. I also eat a lot of vegetables, about 500 grams per day divided into two to 3 meals. I try to limit my carbohydrates, drink water and go to bed on time.

Which Deblon outfit do you feel most beautiful in?
I've loved flared leggings since Expedition Robinson. The quality is so good that after 5 weeks of surviving on a desert island I still wear it. The new flared latte is now my favorite.

What's your favorite relax song, or hit for an up-tempo workout?
Gosh, when it comes to music, I just do something. When my sons put music on at home I Shazam myself crazy and add it to my playlist.

Morning or evening person?
Definitely a morning person. Quite difficult because all my men are evening people. So in the morning I am the only one who is fully on while the rest look sleepy and slowly come to life.