You run that extra mile, as do we. Which is why we lined up our leggings according to length, allowing you to compare our legging types at one single glance.

Where our Classic leggings come at full length, our Capri Leggings hit at your upper calf level, our Classic Shorts at mid-high level and our Ultra Classic Shorts bare almost the entire leg.

The exact measurements are mentioned on the captions in the images, which makes it easy to visualise the length on your own legs by using a tape measure or ruler.

If you need more help choosing which legging type best suits your body type, taste or sports ambitions, our support team is available to help you with sizing, styling or any other questions. Just email us at info@deblonsports.nlgive us a call at +31 62552303 or get in touch through our whatsapp (available between 10 AM and 5 PM)! 

*Please bear in mind that our stretch jersey does what’s mentioned ‘on the tin’: being mega stretchy. If the length indicated by us slightly differs from your ideal length, don’t panic. When wearing your leggings, simply 'manipulate' the fabric with your hands to the desired length - the sturdy fabric and tight fit ensure that the hem stays comfortably in place. However, selecting the right size is key - if the fit is too wide, there’s no margin for adjustments. Read here how to select your correct size.