Made from our Bee fabric – the queen of tech jersey!
Have you spotted our Bee fabric? The beautiful and highly functional honeycomb textured tech jersey, defining our Bee sportswear capsule? There is much to tell about this special fabric. Scroll down and read why the Bee fabric sparks our enthousiasm!
The Bee Collection
Did you know that:
  • the honeycomb texture improves moisture management? The open cell structure absorbs (perspiration) moisture faster, transporting it away from the body ever so effectively;
  • the air chambers in the knitted texture come with insulating qualities? This assures a constant temperature, in other words: cool in summer – warm in winter;
  • the honeycomb texture improves the elasticity of the stretch jersey? The same applies to the ‘recovery’ – the extent to which the fabric bounces back to its original shape;
  • the honeycomb texture celebrates the humble bee? It symbolizes the fact that hard work can lead to great results. We can’t think of a better starting point for sportswear.
The Bee fabric
It’s up to you whether you wish to elevate your workout with our BEE collection.
Featuring two leggings, an elegant flared pair, a classic cardigan and multiple tops, there are plenty of options to create your ideal outfit. 
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